Alexey Zuev

Alexey Zuev has been described as "an extraordinary talent who in recent years has developed his own voice allied to a fantastic pianistic level. He belongs to that rare category of musicians, who are not only brilliant players, but also have a broad inner space of culture and education, including literature and history, as well as musical interests encompassing Medieval music to Minimalism - not to mention British Rock." Such is the description of the eminent musician Alexei Lubimov, Professor at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory Moscow.

Currently based in Salzburg, Alexey Zuev joins Alexei Lubimov for a programme of Beethoven’s late sonatas seamlessly coupled with related masterpieces from the 20th century on May 12 and May 13, 2013 at the Concertgebouw in Bruges. The programme also includes works by Stravinsky, Schönberg, Ustvolskaya and Stockhausen.

Alexey Zuev returns to the St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra

31 Mar 2014

Pianist Alexey Zuev returns to the St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra as soloist on Friday April 4 2014.

Winner of the St Petersburg International Piano Competition when still a teenager...

Alexey Zuev’s 'emotionally charged' Philadelphia debut with Vladimir Jurowski

19 Feb 2014

Alexey Zuev’s debut performances with the Philadelphia Orchestra with conductor Vladimir Jurowski last weekend were described as even more lucid and emotionally charged than the recorded legacy (...

Alexei Zuev makes USA concerto debut with Philadelphia Orchestra and Vladimir Jurowski

06 Feb 2014

Alexei Zuev is a stunning pianist who won the Prokofiev International Piano Competition when still in his teens. Since then he has performed in all the major centres and festivals in Europe as...

Alexei Zuev to perform Beethoven & Faust late piano sonatas

12 Apr 2012

Alexei Lubimov is happy to introduce us to his brilliant pupil Alexei Zuev. They divide Beethoven’s late piano sonatas between them and combine them with masterpieces from the 20th century. Later...

“The textures are intense and immediate, the blend of the instruments beguiling as Lubimov is joined by Alexey Zuev for Trois Nocturnes for two pianos.”

The Independent, Anna Picard - May 2012

“Like Ulysses bewitched by the Sirens, I let my pianos sing… and guide me into uncharted realms," Lubimov says. He uses the Bechstein, light-toned and translucent, for the Préludes Livre 1, the Steinway, more vivid and rich, in Livre 2. Both are used in the two-piano arrangements of Trois Nocturnes and Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune, in which Lubimov is joined by Alexey Zuev. The results are at once fresh and enigmatic.”

The Observer, Fiona Maddocks - Jun 2012

“Alexey Zuev's playing manner is better to compare with creative purposes of XX century “Proteuses” - Stravinsky and Picasso – masters of stylistic transformations. Using all the means of his brilliant technique (that he doesn't show off), being aware of all sound mysteries, Zuev is easy to transform into a subtle lyricist (Schubert), a witty illusionist (Weber, Liszt), he can be graphic but not restrained (Scarlatti and... Chopin!), brutal but not aggressive (Prokofiev), dreamy impetuous (Schumann, Brahms) but always proportionally classical. Moreover, as an energetic implication, keen on classical rock!”

Alexei Lubimov

“…It seems to me Zuev can be our concert life adornment. No doubt, he deserves recitals in large halls as well as concerts with orchestras. I think this pianist is a gift of our cultural life.”

M. Nestjeva

“Alexey Zuev demonstrated concentrated temperament, overwhelming virtuosity and delicacy in creating orchestra timbres by piano as well playing “Petrushka” by Stravinsky.”

M. Byalik “Nevskoe Vremya” , St-Petersburg

“Zuev is not only an elegantly highly skilled pianist. His technique is so mature that he is able to develop interpretations easily regardless of all difficulties. His performing never makes an impression of any sudden note. Everything is weighed up and placed carefully in the general hierarchy and nevertheless the feeling of instantaneity runs through his rendition. Zuev's interpretation of Schubert was absolutely fabulous. It was impossible to foresee such kind of light and at the same time such dedicated thoughtful significance. He is a pianist seeking Beauty in this music, avoiding “kitsch”, able to play intimately and melodiouly. <…> He has a talent to play so sensitively as if he was creating the work and showing great curiosity about the process. <…> His playing met every wish...”

Thomas Ahnert, Saale-Zeitung

“At the risk of seeming naïve, until original masters like Zuev continue appearing on the Russian music sky, the Russian great piano school will be restored in its charm and significance simultaneously taking in best European and world traditions. It's enough to remember at least Zuev's Weber Sonata №4 or Schubert impromptus. I haven't heard such an immersion in the atmosphere of fascinating piano sound with appealing naturalness and expressiveness of musical images...”

Gerard Kimeclis, Musician magazine

“...he made one aware of a great technique and sense of touch, producing a free rhapsodical interpretation of Carl Maria von Weber №2 Sonata ...”

Neue Ruhrzeitung - Piano Festival Ruhr in Essen, 2008 (Germany)

“…he convinced us by the development of a powerful and a dizzying rendition of the Schumann Sonata.”

Ruhr N chrichten

“…Alexey Zuev challenged memories of the greats in two peaks of the repertoire, bringing transcendental technique and finely attuned ears, with mature thought and the fullest palette of pianistic colour, to Beethoven's Waldstein sonata and Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit… Try to hear him!”

Peter Grahame Woolf - International Piano Competition, London

“Zuev's interpretation of Schubert was absolutely fabulous. It was impossible to foresee such kind of light and at the same time such dedicated thoughtful significance.”

Thomas Ahnert Saale-Zeitung

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Born in 1982 in St Petersburg, Alexey Zuev gave his first public performance in the State Cappella hall there aged 8 and won Prokofiev's International Piano Competition at 17;  comment was made of his interpretation as well as virtuosity in unforgettable performances of  the Piano Concertos 1, 2 and 3 as well as the piano sonatas and miniatures.

Meeting the outstanding musician Alexei Lubimov in Salzburg has played an important role in Zuev's creative formation, broadening the sphere of his musical and performing interests: historical harpsichord, hammerklavier, romantic fortepiano practices, penetrating the world of radical musical avant-garde of XX century (chance music, minimalism), into the world of early music (from Gregorian Choral to Netherlands polyphonists of XV century), into classical art- and jazz rock. The wide ranging nature of Zuev's interests has made him revise interpretations of the well known pieces whilst inspiring the discovery of little known or unfairly neglected repertoire.   

Together they play a programme of late Beethoven Sonatas and related 20th century masterpieces in a series of performances at the Concertgebouw, Bruges during May, 2012.

By means of a brilliant technique and awareness of  all sound possibilities, Zuev can be  a subtle lyricist (Schubert), a witty illusionist (Weber, Liszt), graphic but not restrained (Scarlatti and... Chopin!),  brutal but not aggressive (Prokofiev), dreamy impetuous (Schumann, Brahms) but always proportionally classical.


Gergiev’s “World Orchestra for Peace” in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Many Festival performances including:  Kreuth Festival of Oleg Kagan and Natalia Gutman; St Gallen Festival  (Austria), ‘ Klavier-Olympiade” in Bad Kissingen, “Alpenklassik” in Bad Reichenhall, “Kissinger Sommer” and “Winterzauber”, Festival of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Ruhr International Piano festival .  Additional recitals and concerto performances in Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Russia.

Most recently a performance of the Britten Piano concerto in Winterthur Switzerland.

Prize winner in the S. Richter International competition (2008)

It is enough to remember Zuev's Weber Sonata №4 or Schubert impromptus. I haven't heard before such an immersion in the atmosphere of fascinating piano sound with appealing naturalness and expressiveness of musical images... (Gerard Kimeclis).

Alexey Zuev's debut CD of works by Weber, Schubert and Brahms was issued in 2008 in “Russian Virtuosos” series by “Art-Classics” (Moscow).

Alexey Zuev began playing piano aged 7, at the School of Music and the Special Music Conservatory School. He took part in various master classes with such distinguished musicians as John O'Conor, Lev Naumov, Victor Rosenbaum, Sergei Dorensky.

He also took part in:

  • Music Festival on the Elba Island (Italy, 1997);
  • "The Stars of the White Nights" in St. Petersburg (2003);
  • Moscow Easter Festival (2003) (both at the Sir George Solti's "The World Orchestra for Peace" with Valery Gergiev);
  • Oleg Kagan Music Festival in Kreuth (2004),
  • Kissinger Sommer (2005);
  • Winterzauber (2005, Bad Kissingen);
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festspiele (2005);
  • Klavier-Festival Ruhr (2008, Germany);
  • Festival Sankt-Gallen in Austria.

In 1999 he was awarded the second prize (the first prize wasn't awarded) at the Third International Prokofiev Competition in Saint-Petersburg.

In 2002 he received the Educational Award at the London International Piano Competition.

In 2003 he became a scholar of the Herbert von Karajan Centre, Vienna.

In 2004 he became winner of the "Klavierolympiade" in Bad Kissingen (Germany).

In 2008 he won the 5th prize at the International Sviatoslav Richter Competition in Moscow.

In 2009 he won 2nd prize at prestigious Geza Anda piano competition in Zurich,

Performances in Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Russia.
He has studied at the Mozarteum University, Salzburg (Austria) with Professor Alexei Lubimov and was a student of Professor Elisso Wirssaladze the Music and Theatre High-School in Munich (Germany), from 2007.

Conductor Vladimir Jurowski is also a great supporter of Alexey Zuev’s playing.

March 2014