About Us

International Classical Artists reflects a continuing growth of worldwide artist management, orchestral touring and the development of innovative projects of all kinds. A major player, ICA is successfully expanding its role as a prime figure on an ever-developing international stage.

Our core values include a flexible approach and stylish nature allowing dedicated personal service and a hand-tailored strategy for each client. Encompassing every aspect of professional life, our role includes the forging of collaborative and creative partnerships between many significant and stimulating artists of today.

The ICA roster is distinguished, including those who are well established leaders in their field, as well as younger artists for whom the thoughtful development of talent is an important part of our expertise. A prestigious conductor list is matched by excellent instrumentalists and chamber musicians.

Chairman Stephen Wright has created a twenty-first century artist management company offering the co-ordination of an artist’s audio and audiovisual recordings, broadcasts and handling of digital rights as an essential part of the management process. Based in London, ICA is proud to represent some of the world’s leading artists, ensembles and orchestras and to present excellent music making in its many forms.